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Macuahuitl (Aztec Weapon)

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The Macuahuitl was a sword / club designed and used by the Aztecs. Our Wooden Training Macuahitl was hand made by Dark Age Creations team of artists and smiths.  It is made of Ash and has blunted edges for safety. Also has a hand wrapped leather handle.  The obsidian glass that typically would line the edges of this weapon have been removed for safety sake and to allow the use of this trainer in martial arts training.

Colours options are:  Natural: Golden Pecan stained wood with sunshine yellow dyed leather, Black: Kona stained wood with black dyed leather, Brown: Walnut stained wood with brown dyed leather, Red: Cabernet stained wood with scarlet red dyed leather. Fire Burned: Fire scorched wood with black and natural dyed leather.

 Items are made to order locally. Please allow up to two weeks to produce, or contact us for currant stock availability.

Overall Length: 40"

Handle: 10"

Blade Length: 27"

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