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Sword Combat Lessons & Training

Introductory Sword Combat Classes.

These classes offer an introduction to medieval swordsmanship. No prior experience is required and all training and safety equipment required is provided. Attendance in at least one of our basic introduction classes is recommended before attending or requesting other training.

Private Lessons Available Upon Request

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~DAC Intro Class Descriptions~

.Basic Introduction To Longsword: 
The Longsword is possibly the best known yet least well understood of all medieval weapons. Our Longsword class looks at this classic medieval weapon in its iconic two handed use. Techniques are drawn from Italian, German and English sources to show what truely made this weapon a force to be reckoned with not only in duels but one the battlefield as well.

Basic Introduction To Viking Combat: 
Our basic viking class looks at the use of the classic 30 inch Viking Round Shield. Unlike many other systems in viking combat the shield was the primary point of focus and the sword was secondary.  Students will have an opportunity to train with a variety of weapons of the time period with the shield including Seaxs (knives), Axes, Swords, and Spears. 

Basic Introduction To Medieval Dagger Fighting:
The Medieval Dagger was wildly believed too be the most deadly weapon on the medieval battlefield. Party due to is small size and the blinding speeds it was capable of. This class will look at the various styles of medieval daggers used by various cultures and the roll they played in combat.

Basic Introduction To Scottish Basket Hilt:
Focusing on stance, guards, footwork, and basic cuts. Our basket hilt class gives an introduction to how classical highlanders would have fought in Scotland during the Jackobite ear.  This Class will focus on more modern regimental techniques and shows the evolution of swordsmanship into an era when black powder and firearms where already common place on the battlefield.

Basic Introduction To Montonte : (large 2 handed sword)
Larger then a longsword iconic weapons such as the Montonte  Zwihander and Claymore had a unique approach. This class examines footwork, flow drills and the various cuts used by this weapon that made it so bio mechanicaly efficient 
(please note space in this class is extremely limited due to the size of the weapons)

Basic Intro to Crusader Sword and Shield:
Fight Like a Knight! Our crusader sword and shield class examine the classic paring of single handed arming sword and shield that would have been a common sight not only during the crusades but during the norman and saxon time periods as well. 

Basic Introduction to Quarterstaff:
The staff makes and extremely effective weapon in its own right however this class also directly relates to the use of Spear and pole arms such as the pole axe. Focusing on basic footwork, Grips and basic lines of attack and the bio mechanics of working with longer weapons that has multiple striking surfaces.

Basic Intro to Sword and Buckler:
Drawing from some of the earliest historical recorded work on swordsmanship  the I33 or Sword & Buckler system was popular for men at arms, archers, merchants and monks or basically anybody that fought without full armour. The smaller shield allowed to keep combat and threat as far away from the vital organs as possible.

Basic Introduction to Archery:
This class will look at the use of both the Longbow and Recurve bow as used historically. More Class information: TBD

Basic Introduction to Pirate Boarding Actions:
This class will look at the use of both the Cutlass and Axe techniques in a very close quarters environment. More Class information: TBD


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- Drop In Sword Fighting: aka - Fight kNight -

Fight Knight has Returned!! Join us every Wednesday from 5 - 9 pm for our drop in fighting / self training. $10 drop in fee provides access to training and safety gear. Come down and join the fight fun!!

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please  note a general liability waivers must be signed by all participants and/or a legal parent or guardian prior to any classes or sparing season.