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Costume and Props Rentals

Dark Age Creations offers a selection of Arms and Armour for rental. We have provided rentals for  Film / Television, Theater, Weddings, Halloween and Costume Parties of any type. We can mix and match weapons and armour to suite your need for any event (big or small).

Items included: Swords, Shields, Helmets, Chainmail, Medieval Plate Armour, Leather Armour, Roman Armour, Longbows & Archery Equipment, Tunics, Gambesons, Cloaks & Robes, Leather Belts, Sheaths, Sword Frogs, Candle Lanterns, Banners, Room Decor, Armour Stands, Pipe & Drape, Theatrical Lighting, Special Effects, and MUCH more.

Or ask us about our Complete Costume Packages including Clothing, Armour and Weapons for any of the following time periods:

Early Celtic, Greek, or Roman Warriors

German Migration Era & Vikings


Normans & Early Crusader Knights


Transitional Armour


Peasant Soldiers / Men at Arms


Full Harness - aka: Complete set of matching plate armour




Blunted Weapons & Shields!

Single Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords



Medieval Daggers


Please contact us via email or see us in shop for more details.

General inquiries :

Office : 403.719.0913

Email : 

Showroom: 508 - 42nd Ave SE, Calgary, AB  T2G 1Y6