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Basic Intro to Sword Fighting Class. SINGLE TRAINING PASS

Basic Intro to Sword Fighting Class. SINGLE TRAINING PASS

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Online purchase of one of our weekly Basic Introduction to Sword Fighting Classes. Purchase includes 1 x 2 hour basic intro class of your choice, 
Topics Include but not limited to : Longsword, Viking Round Shield, Dagger, Scotttish Basket Hilt, Crusader Sword and Shield, Quarterstaff, Montonte, 

Class must be reserved in person or via phone AFTER PURCHASE. 
Single Classt Pass : Allows access to any public class upon valid registration.
Group Training Pass: Allows a scheduled class any time during business hours pending approval 

Please contact us to verify avalabilty  : All classes must be booked in advance !

Single Training Pass : Allows access to a publicly scheduled class at our facility. based on our upcoming Basic Intro to Classes. listed here: Classes happen almost every week . Topics vary week to week based on instructor availability
Please contact us to confirm availability:    

Group Training Pass : included training in a weapon or multiple weapon systems for up to 2 hours and 6 students at our armoury.
***For an extra charge students can do any fight class "traditionally" by adding and renting and wearing historically accurate armour. Allowing the student to feel the full weight of what a squire would. 

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