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Bow - Song Horse Bow

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The elegance, skill, and rich history of horse bow archery is embodied in the beautiful Song Horse Bow. With its gentle curves, daring design, and traditional accents, the Song Bow is a reflection of a distant and exotic past when man, bow, and horse carved out the vast empires of Asia.

The Song Bow is modeled after the horse bows of the Song Dynasty in Medieval China. The ornately curved limbs are as powerful as they are elegant. The leather-wrapped limbs, leather lace handle, and rayskin arrow rest give the Song Bow an authentic and historical appeal. Leather color may vary.

While the Song Bow is priced as an entry level horse bow, it's amazingly hard-hitting and smooth-shooting. You couldn't ask for better performance at such a great price.

Suitable for right or left handed shooters. Bow string included. Sold in pull weights of 30, 35, and 45# @ 28" draw (Maximum draw length of 32"). Please specify.

This bow requires you to use a bow glove for shooting off the hand. 

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