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Practical Langmesser

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Sparring with the Langmesser has been popular in Europe for some time and our introduction of the Practical Langmesser will give our sparring fraternity the chance to enjoy this uniquely German weapon. Characterized by its full-tang construction, with riveted hardwood handle slabs, distictive “nagel” or knuckle-guard and hooked pommel, the Langmesser was a formidable weapon in skilled hands.

Hanwei's version has a full-tang blade in 5160 high-carbon steel, with a distal taper and double fullers providing excellent balance. The grip and elongated pommel combine to enable the sword to be used in either a single- or two-handed mode. The 2mm edge and the rounded tip also make this sword re-enactment legal and, together with the classic leather-covered scabbard, it provides a distinctive option for the foot soldier.

Overall: 37 1/8"

Blade Length: 28 5/8"

Handle Length: 7 7/8"

Weight: 2 lbs 15 oz

Specs will vary slightly

from piece to piece.


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