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Gjermandbu With Chainmail

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This impressive helmet is modelled after an actual artefact that was attributed to actual Viking use. Found in Gjermundbu, Norway, the design is recreated and slightly modified to create this Viking styled Gjermundbu Helmet. In many ways, this helmet utilizes a design similar to that of the Norman helmet.

This helmet features a rounded crown that has been reinforced with horizontal and transverse metal strips, as well as several rivets that secure the reinforcements in place. The top of the helmet is capped with a wicked looking spike. Instead of a typical nose guard, the helmet features a face guard that covers the eyes and the nose. Attached to the rim of the helmet is also a butted chainmail camail, which acts as further protection for the neck, sides, and lower face.

The helmet displayed here is made from 14 gauge steel.

The Helmet comes with a Riveted High-Quality and adjustable padded Liner with Chinstrap and authentic Brass Buckle.
Forehead Circumference: 68 cms

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