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Butted Steel Hauberk

Butted Steel Hauberk

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Chainmail shirts where used for over 2000 years as a form of protection. Although the size and design changed over the years the basics did not. it provided a flexible and relatively low cost (compared to plate amour) form of protection. The chainmail Hauberk is an over sized shirt. It normally comes to the the knee with a riding split and has wrist length sleeves depending on the size of the wearer. Made from 16 ga 5/16ths mild steel rings. Zink platted to protect agents rust. One size fits most. Standard size fits up to a 54 inch chest size. XL size fits upto 60 inch chest size. Please also remember we recommended to leave up to 8 inchs of space to make room for a gambeson or arming jacket underneath the mail. Avalable in Mild Steel Natural , Mind Steel Black and Zink plated (galvinized) to provent rust

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