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Bow - Grayvn Bushman Flatbow (Right Handed)

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The 65" Bushman Flatbow delivers more then enough energy to take down most any large game. Approx 65" tip to tip - built for getting around in the forest and brush with ease. Perfect length balances stability, smooth draw and reliability when you are in the field. Stained a leather dark brown for bowhunting purposes, and better concealment in the forest.


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  • Length -Approx 64-65" tip to tip
  • Bow Wood - Hickory
  • Backing - None
  • Bow Type - Longbow
  • Handle Wrap - None
  • Stain - Deep Dark Brown

    The Medieval Battle Bow has no arrow shelf, making it suitable for right or left handed shooters. It is recommended that you use a bowglove (sold separately.) Roughly 72" tip-to-tip with draw weights of 30-35#, 35-40#, 40-45#, 45-50#, and 50-55# @ 28" draw. Please specify. 

    Not recommended for drawing past 28"

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