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EDC : Purpleheart Handle - Viking Seax

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Locally Hand Crafted Every Day Carry Seax Knife by the smiths at Dark Age Creations. Locally forged and tempered. The design is inspired by a basic utility seax similar to those use for small tasks in and around the home by medals cultures like the Vikings and Saxons, 

Crafted from : 1075 high carbon steel,
Slatted handle:  SNADALWOOD handle w/ pins
This knife is part of a small batched forged locally here in Calgary. Each piece will be unique. Measurements are approximate. 

Also comes with hand made leather sheath with a sealed finish to match.

Total Length: 10"

Blade length: 5.5"

Handle length: 4.5"

To contact us regarding your own design or special order email us at

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