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Custom - Ginunting - Large

Custom - Ginunting - Large

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Locally Hand Crafted Custom Ginunting Knife by the smiths at Dark Age Creations. These are made of 1095 high carbon steel, forged and tempered.

The official sword of the Philippine Marines, the downward-curved Ginunting can not only decisively chop and shear with its scythe-like blade, but its beak-like tip can be used like a pick, delivering a piercing wound that can strike with more force than a standard stabbing motion. Although well suited for fighting, the Ginunting is an excellent tool for clearing brush and light camp duties. It is easy to see why the Philippine Marines carry such a blade with them into the jungle.

Slatted Padauk & Stabilized Birch Burl with Brass Insert & pinned handle.

Comes with hand made leather sheath.

Total Length: 15"

Blade length: 10"

Blade Width: 1.5"

Handle length: 5"

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