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ProGauntlet By Crossguard (LARGE)

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Dark Age Creations is the proud Canadian Distributer of ProGauntlet By Crossguard.

What is ProGauntlet? ProGauntlet is a protective exoskeleton for the hand, designed to provide the best combination of impact & thrust protection and freedom of movement. The ProGauntlet is composed of a self-supporting, plastic hard-shell with a specialised padded inner glove. 

To enable martial artists to safely bring out the best of their performance in training and competition by getting rid of the severe limitations of common protective gloves.

The ProGauntlet was engineered from scratch, using the moving human hand as a foundation and extensive studies of material science and impact mechanics. The result is a one-of-a-kind glove that has many unique features and qualities that make a big difference for your safety and performance.

Optimal impact reduction

Smart geometry hard shell elements combined with shock absorbing layers.

Puncture resistant Dyneema Inner glove

Specialised Inner glove made with 800N thrust resistant Dyneema on the palm side.

Biomechanical design

Overlapping hard shell segments let you move smoothly without strain and protect the hand in all positions.

Modular & renewable parts

Improving customer fit and product lifespan.

This is for a size Large. 

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